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Cactus Silk Cushion Cover - Neutral

Cactus Silk Cushion Cover - Neutral

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Handmade in Morocco.

Cactus silk, otherwise known as Sabra Silk is loomed by hand, from fibres found in the Agave Cacti or Saharan Aloe Vera, which is a plant that can be found in the Sahara Desert. ... The cacti's leaves are crushed and soaked until the fibres of the plant disperse. The fibres are then spun by hand in an old fashioned manner.

Please bear in mind, our cactus silk cushion stock is updated frequently and the one you see in the above picture is the one that will be shipped to you.

Due to the hand made nature of the item, you may find small imperfections and/or blemishes.   We feel this adds to the charm of the piece and is part of what makes each one unique. 


Approximate size is 50cm x 50cm. Sizes are approximate due to their handmade nature.  

Insert not included.

To protect the colours, we recommend dry cleaning them as they are naturally vegetable dyed.

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